The Decision Making in the AquaNES DSS

The three services provided by the AquaNES DSS communicate with each other and support all relevant cNES Decision Stages:

  1. System Selection

How to select a suitable cNES for a specific purpose & site

  1. System Design

How to design technically feasible cNES configurations

  1. System Assessment

How to assess the performance of a cNES

  1. Operation & Monitoring

How to monitor cNES operation & ensure treatment reliability

  1. Solution Uptake

How to assess cNES economic viability & support cNES uptake

The “Information Service” provides info, data & expert advice for the application of the computational tools of the “Suite of Tools Service” and the development of roadmaps by the “Guidance Service”.

The “Suite of Tools Service” provides a suite of computational tools for the implementation of the roadmaps developed by the “Guidance Service”.

The “Guidance Service” represents the highest level of decision support integration, and provides roadmaps to users for achieving specific goals, utilizing available knowledge, tools, data & expert advice.

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