Welcome to the Decision Support System of the AquaNES Project

The AquaNES Decision Support System is a key output of the AquaNES Project providing expertise and support for the implementation of combined Natural and Engineered water treatment Systems (cNES).

cNES at Glance

The DSS integrates methodologies, tools & expert knowledge under a unified environment for supporting all relevant cNES decision making stages:

  1. System Selection
  2. System Design
  3. System Assessment
  4. Operation & Monitoring
  5. Solution Uptake

It provides three services targeting the needs of different users:

  1. The “Information Service” offering relevant material on cNES solutions and technologies;
  2. The “Suite of Tools Service” which provides computational tools supporting cNES application & assessment and estimation of Key Performance Indicators;
  3. The “Guidance Service” combining input from the other services to provide roadmaps for achieving specific goals in any decision stage.

The expertise provided and the relevant knowledge has been gained from and extensively validated through 14 cNES Demonstration Sites in Europe, India and Israel.

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